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Ministry activities are generally planned and led by ministry leaders and co-leaders. However, input and direction is obtained from the congregation's ministering evangelist or designated brothers. The activities must not conflict with commands or principles in the Bible. Further, they must be in harmony with the congregations vision , mission and goals.


This ministry focuses on the spiritual growth congregation and development of youth in the congregation ( and other youth) through age 25. Additionally, the ministry promotes proper social development. The ministry endeavors to guide youth in the right direction through teaching, examples, and involvement in activities that are acceptable for Christian youth. Intensive efforts are made to teach youth to avoid allowing peer pressure to cause them to participate in popular activities

or vices that are contrary to the Bible and Christian values. Moreover, Youth are taught how New Testament Christian youth ought to serve, worship, praise, and live for God. Programs and other activities are planned to facilitate the goals of this ministry.

Growth for Brothers

This ministry provides a class that focuses on growth activities. The class expands scriptural knowledge and instructs brothers to conduct or lead during worship services through lessons that include demonstrations, examples and practices. Lessons acquaint brothers with facts about worship, doctrine, and organization of the church and compares it with denominational departures from the Bible. Finally, lesson plans include fundamental requirements for men to serve as elders and deacons. The intent is to develop men so they can serve as future church leaders.


This ministry was organized to do good toward individuals who are in need. We believe that benevolent goodwill, generosity, and helpfulness toward the needy or suffering reflect Christian values and the will of God. The intent or goal of this ministry is to identify individuals who have legitimate needs and offers assistance to the extent possible.

Growth for Sisters

This ministry provides a class that focuses on growth activities for sisters. This is accomplished primarily through the ladies Bible class. The class expands scriptural knowledge. The role of ladies in the church is discussed from a scriptural rather than from a contemporary / social perspective. Issues, problems, and challenges faced by Christian women are addressed in the class.


The goal of this ministry is to extend the welcome mat to visitors who enter our building for worship or other activities. The ministry has a welcoming procedure with appropriate media. The users assist visitors with seating when the need exists.

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