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Divine Mission Statement and Example


We are mandated to carry out the great commission and follow the loving example of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19, 20 and 1 Peter 2:21)



We visualize Dynamic Change in Our Evangelism, Shepherding, Fellowshipping and Support Structures. This Change Will Result in Numerous Conversions, Restored Members, Improved Inter and Intra Congregational Relations, Facility Modification, Acquisition of property. Improved Educational programs, and Developmental/Growth Activities for Youth and Adults


Our primary congregational objective entails carrying out our mission in systematic fashion to the glory of God. We view the congregational body as a team whose focus is on implementations of its vision. It is our conviction that if productive utilization of our God given talents and abilities occurs consistently, our vision will become reality. We are confident that God will contribute his part to our work; our goal is to ensure that we do our part!


 Mission Statement


Obeying the Great Commission through Evangelism and Shepherding while Exemplifying Love for God and Man in Our Behavior






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