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Mojima Etokudo was born in April 29,1976 Ukanafun Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State in Southern Nigeria but lost his father at 8 years old and mother at 14 years old though life becomes very difficult due to lack of anyone to cater me and my education, God remain ever faithful.

Born into a Lutheran faith and serves in a choir group.

A former Reggae musician / song writer with two (2) secular musical albums and many un-recorded music.

A graduate of Business Administration and Management from Our Saviour Polytechnic, Enugu, Nigeria.

A Diploma holder in Business and Bible from African College of Management (ACM) now Obong University, Obong Ntak a church of Christ associated institution, as well as a Chartered Diplomatic Manager of the Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management (CIPDM) Lagos.

I am married to Ekaette Mojima Etokudo since November 2005 with three (3) kids namely :
1. Emem - female, 12 years old.
2. Uduak - female, 10 years old
3. Ekemini - male, 7 years old

And other foster children.

I become a Christian in 1999 having been baptized into Christ and become a full time Preacher in 2005 serving the Lord at the Church of Christ, Ikot Odiong in Ukanafun Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria till date. The church at Ikot Odiong is in the rural area and as at March 2005 when I became her Preacher, the church was 9 months old with five (5) members but today we are above 70 and the Ikot Odiong church is a feeding congregation to others due to various Evangelism activities we embark which resulted in many coming into the knowledge of Christ and are added to the church nearest to them, planting of new congregations etc. Ikot Odiong is an hinterland.

Soon after my conversion, I took the gospel to my village, and one of my family members become a Christian as I baptized him into Christ while still a 3 weeks old Christian.

During my studentship at African College of Management  between 2002-2004, I became the students leader and I help in planting a College Church of Christ in the campus that was not existing which is now Campus Church of Christ, Obong University.

My passion for evangelism grows after my graduation in 2004 and as a Preacher and a business manager, I continue preaching, and also engaged in photography for living. As an amateur photographer, I go from door to door with a bicycle working for a living and at the same time preaching the gospel to my customers. In fact, I became a Christian through my photography trade.

My zeal to evangelize our rural communities motivated me to set up what I called "WBS Evangelism Team" where interested members was drawn from various local congregations in the neighborhood for the purpose of Evangelizing the villages were there are no churches and those villages that churches are stagnant due to lack of evangelism and God has blessed our efforts for Christ as my work with the Evangelism Team has seen to the planting of nine (9) new local congregations of the Lord's church in different villages and resuscitation of many weak and sleeping congratulations. One of the newly planted churches at Obon Odor village was an AG church denomination which was converted from a denominational church to the Church of Christ where they ordered me to burn their musical instruments and doctrinal books, which I did. My WBS Evangelism Team preached Christ through door to door Evangelism, Open Air preaching at Village age square and Market places, Gospel Meetings, Bible Seminar /Workshop, Tracts ministry, WBS students enrollment and follow up etc

In order to build up the newly planted churches in the rural areas, a Preacher's training program was organized " The Nigerian Christian College of Evangelism (NCCE) Ukanafun to help train young men for the kingdom which efforts is paying off as our students are serving our new congregations as preachers.

I am now a full time rural evangelist in Nigeria working to plant churches and to edified the saved to remain saved till the day of Christ.

It is my hope that these new congregations of the Lord's church will grow to maturity as I pray for more of His grace to do more for Christ and His church. We need your prayers and kind support toward this ministry.

God bless you.

In Christ
Mojima and Ekaette Etokudo


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