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Ministry activities are generally planned and led by ministry leaders and co-leaders. However, input and direction is obtained from the congregation's ministering evangelist or designated brothers. The activities must not conflict with commands or principles in the Bible. Further, they must be in harmony with the congregations vision , mission and goals.


The purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is to "win souls for Christ" The great commission given by Jesus (Matthew 28: 19,20 and Mark 16:15,16) is the driving force that propels this ministry. The ministry utilizes personal evangelism and other efforts to acquaint men, women, boys, and girls with Christ and His church. 








Membership Shepherding

The purpose of the Membership Shepherding

Ministry is to encourage and counsel unfaithful members to rededicate themselves to the Lord. The ministry endeavors to Shepard strayed member back to the flock through application of the word, guidance, and support.















This ministry is responsible for hospitality and fellowship activities that generally involve welcoming, preparation and serving of foods, preparation of visitor's packets, sending flowers and cards, and other social type activities related

to church affairs. Some of the events that require actions from this ministry include: Fellowship Day, gospel meetings/revivals, funerals, picnics, VBS, Senior Citizens Day, Looking Back/Looking Ahead Night, Youth Days, and other events.


The Education Ministry coordinates the educational activities of the church. The activities include regular Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes, Vacation Bible School, personal evangelism, and other classes. The acquisition of media for educational activities and planning for facility, and social / recreational needs related to educational activities are a part of the ministry's responsibility.








This ministry focuses on the the congregation's a Capella choruses. The primary chorus is the "Edifiers." Other choruses including the youth ladies, and male groups are under the umbrella of this ministry. The ministry is coordinated by the ministering evangelist for the congregation and led by the Edifiers' director and assistant directors.


Remember, we will meet every third Saturday in the month from 1-3 PM at the church building or a volunteer host family's home.  Our next meeting will be November 15, 2014.   Each meeting will combine a 1 hour lesson/discussion and a fellowship meal.  May God bless you to attend and experience an enriching marriage.


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